Week 9: July 2, 5


  • Green Mountain Compost
  • Container gardens
  • Burlap bag sale

Summary of week’s activities:

  • Harvest snow peas
  • Plants tomatoes
  • Fill containers with (our own) compost
  • De-and the garden shed
  • Enjoy a rainbow, beautiful sunset, full moon
  • Celebrate Denise’s Birthday
The peas are coming to fruit in the group bed. This bed did not have Green Mountain Compost added to it, so gardeners are encourages to check and harvest for snow peas, and later this week for shelling peas as well.


Update on the Green Mountain Compost situation: The results from extensive testing by Chittenden Solid Waste District will be made on Thursday, and gardeners will have a better idea of what we are dealing with and how to proceed. This is a situation that should stir up conversation and resiliency in our garden community.

The Friends of Burlington Gardens Burlap Bag Sale is this Saturday. This is a huge fundraiser for the Healthy City Youth Initiative, which is a program that uses a garden with elementary, middle and high school students as a classroom to teach about our food system, encourage and create healthy habits and develop life skills. For more information on the burlap bag sale: http://www.facebook.com/events/241807665936278/

Monday was also Denise’s birthday and Jess surprised her with a carrot cake, which we adorned with the 7 rasberries that were ripe enough to harvest from the raspberry patch!


The night ended with a beautiful rainbow, sunset and a huge rising moon over Ethan Allen Homestead. One of the major benefits of being a gardener is that you are outside so much that you see and appreciate the natural beauty nearly every day!



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