Week 11: July 16, 19

Different techniques for trellising tomatoes

The teepee technique Image

Two stake technique


Tomato cage



Other notes on maintaining your tomato plants:


Suckers are the shoots of growth that grow in the crux between the stem and an already established branch. It is best to prune these suckers as to promote air flow and not too much crowding, and also it allows the plant to give more nutrients to the fruit and not the growth of these new branches. To prune suckers just pinch off the small side shoot.It is best to snap them off when they are young.


Avoid touching tomato plants, harvesting, pruning, or trellising, when the plants are wet. Tomato plants are highly susceptible to disease, especially when wet.


While tomato plants are a fair amount of work in comparison to other plants in the garden, they are among the most rewarding. The taste test difference between a store bought tomato, shipped from far away, and a home gown tomato is remarkable. Once one grows a tomato plant, they rarely go back.

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