Week 14: August 6

Calendula Salve Workshop

Calendula is an herbal flower that has very powerful healing properties. Calendula promotes external cell re-growth and internally it generates lymphoid cleansing. General herbal remedies which maximize the healing properties of calendula are salves, which are applies externally, and tinctures, which are the most direct and effective way o consume it, though people will at times eat the flower on salads, as one gardener told us on Monday.


To make a salve:

The petals on the calendula flower are sticky to touch. Dry them for a few hours to a day in a dry hot place (Denise uses her car as an herbal drying space!).

In a pint-sized mason jar, break the petals off the bud of the flower.


Partially fill* the mason jar with a cold pressed oil, we used olive oil, but you can also use hemp or other oils. Leave the mason jar in the sun for at least one week. The oil will absorb the calendula and become a bright orangey yellow color. After this process of absorbsion is complete, strain the petals from the oils, and all a bit of beeswax.

*(proportions depend on how many petals you have)

This salve is great for chapped faces or hands (think dry gardener hands), and great for healing minor scrapes and burns.

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