Weeks 19-20: September 24

Putting the Garden to Bed

The evenings have been a race against nightfall, as the sun is setting earlier, the reality of an ending growing season is setting in as well. The past two weeks at the garden have been consumed by harvesting the fall crops and preparing the garden beds for the winter. The picnic table in the center of the garden fills with tomatoes, fall bearing raspberries, cabbage, eggplants, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, leeks, root vegetables, onions, dry beans, and some winter squash.




As some of the beds are slowing down on production, or all of the crops have been harvested, we pull the plants, add them to the compost, turn the soil with a garden fork, and lay down a cover crop. These cover crops will store nutrients in the soil, prevent erosion from the rains, and also remediate the pesticide contaminated beds, so that our soils will be healthy for the next season of community gardeners!

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