Preparations for the Community Teaching Garden

With the spring in full swing and summer clearly on its way in Vermont, it is time to prepare for the Community Teaching Garden! With all of the classes happening at the Tommy Thompson Community Garden, we started preparing the site on Friday, April 26 by marking the freshly tilled soil by following the plan for the garden created by the landscape designer, Jenna. After a morning of preparations the site was ready for the following day’s activities.Image

The stakes were placed to mark the future garden plots.

The Day in the Dirt event was planned and presented by the Vermont Community Garden Network and the hard work of UVM CDAE Public Communication students with support from various amazing sponsors, which made the fun day possible. Groups of volunteers joined together at various school and community garden sites around the city of Burlington on Saturday, April 27 to help prepare the sites for the summer. The hard work of the volunteers made the day a great success and we celebrated with lunch and a prize giveaway from the great sponsors.


The team of volunteers worked hard all morning to prepare the Tommy Thompson site.


The volunteers together after the day’s work was finished.


After a morning of hard work the volunteers gathered for lunch and prizes.

While the Community Teaching Garden site at the Winooski Valley Park Community Garden at the Ethan Allen Homestead is going to lie mostly fallow for this summer, there was still some site prep work to do, which, with the help of some volunteers, happened on Saturday, May 4. We joined together to rake, weed, and more on a gorgeous day. With the bike route right next door there were many people passing by on bikes or picking up trash for Green Up Day.


The group of volunteers helped clean up and prepare the Ethan Allen Homestead site.

With the first classes starting this week there was lots to do to prepare and the gardening fun is just beginning. We look forward to continuing to enjoy the great weather and seeing everyone for the first classes this week!

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