Week 4: May 27 to June 1 – A Raised Bed and Radiating Sun


  • Raised garden beds

Summary of the Week:

  • Built and filled our raised bed
  • Growth of peas
  • Radish seedlings showing
  • Individual beds

After Memorial Day weekend, the week started on Wednesday with a lesson on building raised beds from Jess, the Executive Director at the Vermont Community Garden Network. With freshly cut Vermont hemlock wood, we began our work to create a raised garden bed for both aesthetic and accessibility purposes. We learned that raised beds are often utilized in urban environments to avoid planting in contaminated soils, as industrial chemicals can end up in the soil in most cities. Raised beds are a great way to plant vegetables in a safe manner and many people enjoy the presence of raised beds in their gardens for aesthetic reasons. The natural, rustic look of the Vermont hemlock is already proving to be a nice addition to the Community Teaching Garden.

Learning about raised beds from Jess.
Putting the frame in place.
Hammering the spikes in to hold the frame together.

On Thursday we finished the raised bed work started by the students and staff on the day before by adding the last layer with some serious hammering. Once the frame was completed we added a few layers to fill the bed to ensure that it would be ready for individual planting, which is starting soon! The bottom layer was filled with debris and other organics from the new, unfinished compost pile. This layer is used to fill the space and avoid wasting soil and compost that the roots will not reach. On top of this layer we added a mix of finished compost and dirt. Once this task was finished, we wrapped up the sunny, humid night with individual bed assignments! Soon the plots will be filled with our favorite plants to enjoy.

Finishing up the raised bed on Thursday.
The finished product before adding soil.
The finished product before adding soil.
Everyone working hard to fill the bed with soil.

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