Week 9: July 1 to July 6 – Taking Care of Tomatoes


  • Maintaining tomatoes

Summary of the Week:

  • Learned about and dealt with potato beetles at their various life stages
  • Hilled potatoes
  • Enjoyed some fresh peas!

After a delicious potluck on the weekend, the Community Teaching Garden students were back to work on weeding, fighting mosquitoes or pests, and learning about caring for tomato plants. We looked at the different types of cages and trellises for tomatoes again and how to build our own. The different variations we are using to allow our tomatoes to keeping growing tall are cages, bamboo trellises, and stakes. To promote healthy growth and support for the tomatoes, we will keep adding twine to the structures as the plants become larger.

Adding stakes and twine for the tomatoes.
Using a tomato cage.
A tomato trellis.

Another aspect of tomato care to keep in mind is pruning the suckers. The suckers are small side shoots that grow between the main stem and the branch in the “armpit”. It is easy to pinch these pieces off to keep your tomato plants healthy.

With a few light showers to accompany the muggy weather, we worked away on the garden while the sky lit up with a mix of pink and purple as Burlington prepared for the fireworks and holiday festivities. 


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