Week 11: July 15 to July 20 – Garlic Scapes and the Sunset


  • Garlic scapes

Summary of the Week:

  • Garden maintenance
    • Mowed clover
    • Cut down buckwheat
    • Weeded sweet potatoes
    • Worked hard on own plots and shared crops
Sun setting on the garden.

Vermont’s first heat wave of the summer hit the garden this week but did not stop the hard work at the Community Teaching Garden. Despite the hot weather and bugs, of course, the students were eager to weed and enjoy the sunshine this week. We were able to mow the clover in the center circle and cut down the buckwheat at the border of the garden with a modern-day scythe. We were able to fit in a good work out and maintain the cover crop by using the scythe. The tool was used in the past for mowing and cutting and is still used around the world today. It’s hard to imagine using one on a whole field’s worth of crop; it took about five of us to finish the strip along the garden!

The dry beans, Good Mother Stallard, which are Denise’s favorite kind, are starting to grow, and will continue to shoot up with the new pole bean trellis structure created by the students.

The potatoes are starting to flower, which means that they are getting closer to harvest time!

A garlic scape.

Here are some ideas on what to do with garlic scapes when cooking: http://www.mnn.com/food/recipes/blogs/5-recipes-for-garlic-scapes

Cutting down the buckwheat.

We enjoyed some gorgeous sunsets at the garden this week. One followed picture-perfect weather and the other brought a short storm on Wednesday to a beautiful close. The summer weather kept the gardeners and plants happy this week and we cannot wait to see what starts popping up there next week.

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