Week 13: July 29 to August 3 – Sauerkraut and More Sun!

Start of the night at the garden.


  • Lacto-fermenting vegetables
    • Sauerkraut
    • Ginger carrots

Summary of the Week:

  • Lessons on lacto-fermentation
  • Harvesting more plants
Sunflowers at Tommy Thompson.

This week at the Community Teaching Garden, the lessons went beyond the garden and reached the kitchen as Denise taught us about lacto-fermentation. This is a safe process used to preserve many different types of food. Liz, a nutrition and food expert, will be sharing more information about the process, benefits, and recipes. Monday’s class worked on sauerkraut while ginger carrots were created on Wednesday.

Learning about the preserving process from Denise.

We followed Denise’s lesson with more weeding and necessary garden maintenance on the individual plots as well as shared beds. As the summer progresses, each week brings more surprises and treats to be enjoyed while working away at the garden or to be saved later for planning an exciting new dish to cook later. Some gardeners are harvesting radishes upon radishes while others are thinning carrots and starting to find some worth eating.

More carrots to come!
Waiting for ripe tomatoes.

A week full of perfect weather came to a close with some more Vermont rain on Thursday to bring in the beginning of the month of August. Happy gardening!

End of the day at the garden.
End of the day at the garden.

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