Week 14: August 5 to August 10 – Herbs and Enormous Zucchinis


  • Medicinal herbs
  • Herbal tinctures

Summary of the Week:

  • Lessons on herbs from Denise
  • Starting to prepare for student presentations
Summer squash sharing.

The summer has flown by and the nights are already starting to feel shortened by the earlier sunsets. The shorter nights have not stopped us from showing up each week and working hard until it is too dark to continue. This week Denise shared her knowledge of herbs with us and she taught us how to utilize the many benefits of medicinal herbs.

Learning about herbs with Denise.Image

ImageThe garden was full of new vegetables to harvest this week. There were perfect zucchinis, lemon cucumbers, cabbage, and lots of lettuce.

Awesome zucchini harvest!
Lots of cabbage!
Lemon cucumber.

This Saturday both classes are invited to meet at the Community Teaching Garden at 10:00 to learn about the edible plants available to forage at the Intervale!


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