Week 19: September 9 to 14 – Pickling, seed saving, and even more harvesting!


  • Seed saving
  • Pickling

Summary of the Week:

  • Lesson on seed saving taught by Julia
  • Pickling demonstration by Denise

As the autumn weather moves into Burlington we are starting to talking about how to preserve foods for the winter and plan for next year’s garden season. Julia from the UVM Farmer Training Program came by the Community Teaching Garden to teach us a little about how to save seeds from this year’s harvest to plant in the coming year. We learned all about what seeds to save and how to select seeds to make the next years harvest as successful as possible and even got to play an interactive game!

Julia teaching us about saving seeds for next year.
Julia teaching us about saving seeds for next year.

We also got a hands-on lesson on pickling from Denise (for those of you in the Wednesday-Saturday class, you’ll be pickling this upcoming week, sorry for the spoiler!).

Cucumbers soaking in salt later before being made into pickles.

While pickling we talked about the different methods used through the ages to put food up for the winter and about the science behind canning and pickling. Our pickles still wont be ready to eat for a few weeks since they have to sit and develop flavor, but already my mouth is watering to try them! Recipes to come next week, stay tuned!

Finished pickles!

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