CTG 2014 Week 22: September 27th to October 2nd- Final Classes and Putting the Gardens to Bed


  • Garden Clean Up
  • Final Potato and Sweet Potato harvests
  • Harvesting & distributing dry beans
Sister 1 becomes seasonal decor
It may be chilly but TT still has greens


Here we finally are at the end of the final week of the 2014 Community Teaching Garden Program.  As week 22 comes to a close, we’ve been busy preparing the gardens for the off-season by extracting plants, harvesting the final crops, and enjoying the gorgeous fall foliage that is enveloping the trees at both the Ethan Allen Homestead and Tommy Thompson Community Garden.

Final potato harvest
Dry beans from Ethan Allen

As we begin to reflect on the experiences and successes we’ve shared this season, it’s hard not to feel a bit nostalgic in that we will no longer gather in our garden oasis each week as a group of budding gardeners.  So much has been learned and shared this season, and we are hopeful that our new and now experienced gardeners will continue their growing endeavors for many, many seasons to come.  It is so inspiring to see how powerful the act of cultivating a garden together can form such wonderful bonds between strangers to create a community united around nurturing the Earth, their communities, and themselves.

Harvesting away
A future chili ingredient

The CTG program is proof that community gardens are an extremely invaluable resource, and that using them as a classroom for experiential learning can only prove to be beneficial.  So as we prepare to send off our soon-to-be graduates, we’d like to thank them, and our new community partners, for a truly spectacular season and wish them well on their gardening futures.  May you always find solitude and comfort in the garden.

Autumn sunset at Ethan Allen