Week 1: Getting to know the garden (and each other!) and planting peas

The Community Teaching Garden 2016 season began under clear, warm early-May skies. Class began with a circle, a chance to share names and stories and gardening dreams. Every student was asked to share the two fruits and vegetables that they most wanted to grow and, to their surprise and ours, every single plant that was named is in the planting plan for this season’s class.

Our first class closed with the communal planting of our pea bed. Our second week of May start date pushed the limit on the pea planting timeline but, after soaking the seeds overnight  and offering plenty of water once in the ground, we are hopeful that the season’s first direct seed will germinate and flourish.

05-11-2016 CTGTT Pea seeds in hand
Ready for planting!
05-11-2016 CTGTT Pea planting instruction
And after a short lesson from Carolina…
05-11-2016 CTGTT Students planting peas
students are ready to plant!

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