Setting Intentions for the New Season

Just two weeks ago Burlington, Vermont, received its second largest snowfall on record. Not to be deterred, the humble gardeners of VCGN’s Teaching Garden Advanced Course are already hard at work planning their gardens for the 2017 season. This cohort of 15 students, all graduates of VCGN’s Teaching Garden Program, will be digging deeper this year. We’re excited to share the journey with you as we take on new challenges, like starting all of our plants from seed, and old challenges, like battling some familiar garden pests.

Tommy Thompson covered in snow
The site of the advanced course, Tommy Thompson Community Gardens, as seen from the Intervale cross-country ski trails. 

Our approaches to planning have been as diverse and varied as the students in our course. While some students have preferred an old-fashioned pencil to paper approach to plotting out their gardens, others have explored online programs like GrowVeg. A number of students attended or volunteered at VCGN’s Seed Swap hosted at the Fletcher Free Library earlier this month.

Kane dressed as pea
Advanced Course student and volunteer, Kane, dressed as a pea at VCGN’s seed swap.

Regardless of our approaches, we are all excited about what the new season brings. We hope you can join us at Day in the Dirt! 2017 on April 29th, as we work together to prepare community gardens around Burlington for the upcoming season.

What are you doing to plan for your garden this year? We’d love to hear from you!


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