Starting Cold-hardy Seedlings

This year, the students in VCGN’s Advanced Course are taking advantage of two opportunities to start seedlings: at the VCGN office in Burlington’s Old North End and at the UVM Greenhouse Facilities. By utilizing these two spaces, students will be able to compare the impact of different growing environments. We will be using a 3-tiered grow light system at the VCGN offices. The slightly cooler environment here is ideal for starting cold season brassicas and leafy greens. We will start our warm season crops like tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse, where controlled warmer temperatures and higher humidity will encourage their growth.

Students Look at Seeds.JPG
Advanced Course students examine lettuce and flower seeds.

Many students had their gardens planned down to the inch and were eager to find the exact varieties of seeds they had planned around. Others followed an intuitive approach, planting whatever struck their fancy with the intention of redesigning according to what felt like a good fit. Some adjusted their plans according to that night’s lesson, which focused on seed starting and the tools and environments we use to support young plants. We also discussed some resources on succession planting. Regardless of the approach, there was a palpable excitement as students got their hands back into the dirt after a long winter.

Advanced Course Students.JPG
Our first class photo! Meet the Advanced Course gardeners and some of their favorite seeds.

Some favorites planted this week include Swiss chard, tulsi basil and broccoli rabe. We are excited to start some of our warmer weather favorites at the UVM Greenhouses next week and will be sure to keep you posted.

Have you planted your cold-hardy seedlings? What are you most looking forward to?


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