Starting Warm Season Seedlings

Warm and summery greetings from Burlington! This week the students in VCGN’s Advanced Course started their warm season seedlings like tomatoes and peppers at the UVM Greenhouse Facilities. It was a great way for us to experience a different growing environment, meet some fellow gardeners from the Burlington community, and to see what other gardeners are using the space for.

As we continue to plant our seedlings, our plans for our gardens are evolving, and many students are working on updates of their plans to try to get a clearer vision of what their gardens will look like at different phases of the growing season. Our focus for planting this week was mostly on solanaceaes like eggplant, peppers, and tomatoes. Students were delighted by the wide range of varieties available and we’re looking forward to growing and tasting some new and old favorites this year. In addition to our solanaceaes, some students started basil, zinnias, and tomatillos this week. We would like to thank High Mowing Seeds, American Meadows, and Gardener’s Supply for their generous seed donations.

Plan and Seeds
A student garden layout and some of the seeds used for their garden.

Back at the VCGN offices, the cold-hardy seedlings we planted last week under a three-tiered grow light system have already taken off. Next week we will be back at the office to transplant our cold-hardy seedlings into larger seed starting trays and to monitor our seedlings progress.

What have you planted so far? Do you have any warm season seedlings you are excited about this season?


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