A Night of Transplanting, Good Eating, and Community

This week the gardeners in VCGN’s Advanced Course had a slight change of plans as we were greeted by some very cool, very rainy weather on our regular class day. Our hope had been to begin work on-site at our plots in the Tommy Thompson Community Gardens. However, rainy weather would not have been ideal for the initial tasks we needed to do and especially for working our soil. Better to visit our seedlings at the UVM Greenhouses and see what needs transplanting!

It was wonderful to be reunited with our warm season seedlings and to observe the growth of some of our neighbors’ seedlings as well. Some unique plants popping up in the greenhouse include artichokes, fennel, and castor beans. We focused on transplanting our seedlings which need a bit more space like tomatoes and peppers. For many of us, our basil and flowers are still just poking a delicate sprout out of the soil and are happy to stay in their smaller containers for a bit longer.

After class, many of the students joined at Bluebird Barbecue for a community night to benefit VCGN. It was wonderful to connect with our garden pals while enjoying some delicious food! Thanks to Bluebird Barbecue for their support.

Bluebird take 2.JPG

Next week we are looking forward to getting into our gardens and getting our hands dirty! Wishing a Happy Earth Day to All!



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