Exploring Wild Harvestable Plants and Our First Potluck of the Season

This week students in the Community Teaching Garden advanced course made their first formal exploration of the land surrounding the teaching garden. Our mission was to identify wild harvestable plants while reviewing plant botany. Using our handy plant identification guide as well as a few field guides of local plants, we worked with our teacher, Carolina, to identify some of the wild edibles just steps away from our garden!

Wild Harvestable Plants
Clockwise from top left: elderberries, nettles, motherwort and garlic mustard. 

When ripe, elderberries can be used to make a healing syrup for colds and flus. Motherwort has a wide range of medicinal uses, particularly in support of women’s health. Among other uses, nettles and garlic mustard make delicious early-season pesto. Yum!

This week also marked the first official meeting of the two Community Teaching Garden classes. Students from both classes gathered at the advanced course site at the Tommy Thompson Community Gardens for an evening of exploring gardens and sharing food.

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After touring the advanced course teaching garden, we gathered together for a potluck dinner. It was a delicious way for the students in the two classes to get to know one another, and we are looking forward to meeting (and sharing our recipes with you!) throughout the season.

What is your favorite potluck dish? Let us know in the comments– we’d love to hear from you!


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