This Week in the Garden: Friends, Foes, and a Spotlight on Angelica

This week in the Community Teaching Garden we had a work night where we tended to weeding, compost turning, and pest removal. We are continuing to focus our energy on protecting our plants from pests, are filling in any empty spaces in our beds, and are enjoying bountiful harvests of lettuces, herbs, cabbage, kohlrabi, and garlic scapes. Our peas, which have been slow-growing this year, have finally started producing, and there are bright yellow squash and cucumber flowers dotting the garden here, there, and everywhere.

Many gardeners have lost their chard or beets to some very crafty deer who have found ways around our deer fence. We have started to find three striped (or lined) potato beetles on our tomatillos and ground cherries, stinky squash beetles on our squash, and cucumber beetles on our squash and cucumber plants. In order to protect our plants, we are covering our remaining chard and are continuing to remove harmful insects (and their eggs!) from our plants. Last week we wrapped the base of our squash plants in tin foil to protect them from stinky squash beetles. We have begun to see some leaf miner damage on our chard and are trimming back any chard with signs of damage.

Leaf miner damage
Leaf miner damage on Swiss chard. 

We have had some friendly guests grace our garden as well! A pair of beautiful swallowtail caterpillars were found in our dill this week in addition to many baby toads which love hiding in the shade of our plants!

In our beneficial insect garden, our angelica has been attracting butterflies, lady bugs, and a host of other pollinators. In addition to it’s many herbal medicinal applications, early season angelica can be made into a delicious candy. If nothing else, it is lovely to admire it’s abundance!

One of the beautiful angelica plants in the Community Teaching Garden. 



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