A Sweet and Vinegary End to the Season

Greetings from the Community Teaching Gardens! We hope that you had a bountiful harvest and an enjoyable end to your season. As we wrapped up at the Ethan Allen Homestead and the Tommy Thompson Community Gardens, we were able to come together for a few final work days; to clear and cover our beds, to plant our garlic, and to fortify ourselves for the cold winter ahead with some tasty fire cider, a vinegar-based immune boosting beverage.

Fire Cider 3
Fire Cider prepared in the Community Teaching Garden advanced course. Yum!

But before we get into all that! It wouldn’t be the Community Teaching Garden if there wasn’t a potluck. Sure enough, we gathered in early October we one final time to share a meal together and celebrate all that we have learned this season. With that, if you, our dear reader, are interested in learning with us next season, please keep in mind that registration for the next year’s Community Teaching Garden will open in December. For more information, check out the Community Teaching Garden page on VCGN’s website.

CTG Graduation Photo
Happy graduates of the Community Teaching Garden beginner and advanced courses.


Fire Cider, which was widely popularized by notable Vermont Herbalist Rosemary Gladstar, is a simple and fun way to boost your health during the cold winter months. Including many elements that heat the body and clear it of illness, like horseradish, ginger, and spicy hot peppers, creating your own fire cider at home is as easy as chopping up a batch of ingredients, tossing them in a large jar, dousing them with vinegar, and giving them a hearty daily shake as they rest on your counter for a month.

A quick inventory of our garden added some fun herbs like sage to the mix. Using the basic recipe posted above, you can create endless variations to suit your palate. After a month, you strain your ingredients and add honey to your liking. Store your fire cider in the fridge and use it whenever you would like a sour tonic, a soothing vinegar tea, or a flavorful salad dressing.

As we close the season, we send one final thank you for joining us in our learning journey!

We hope to see you in the garden next year,

Your pals in the CTG


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